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Monday, December 06, 2021

Accounts and finance

Each year the Town Council calculates the money it needs to provide its services. Then it deducts the income it expects to receive from fees and charges such as rents and grants.  This leaves the required amount to spend on services and any capital projects which are planned for the year ahead.

The precept is the amount it levies on the Unitary Council (Bath and NE Somerset Council).  It is collected by them as a proportion of the total Council Tax paid by Radstock households. 

For futher information click below:

Precept Leaflet 2011/12

Precept Leaflet 2012/13

Precept Leaflet 2013/14

Precept Leaflet 2014/15

Precept Leaflet 2015/16

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Precept Leaflet 2017/18