Thursday 13 December 2018
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Accounts and Finance

CIL Funding

February 2018

£2435.21 - in respect of 17/01192/FUL - Writhlington Methodist Church

March 2018

£677.16 - in respect of 43 Stoneable Road

£213.84 - in respect of 43 Stoneable Road

April 2018

£1058.58 - in respect of 16/06201/FUL Writhlington Methodist Church

August 2018

£1589.10 - in respect of RJ King & Sons, Mill Road


Financial regulations

The Council has to comply with the law in administering its finances. The ‘rules’ which are officially called Financial Regulations are available to download. They are subject to regular review.

Finance Regulations - Adopted 18 January 2016


Each year the Town Council calculates the money it needs to provide its services. Then it deducts the income it expects to receive from fees and charges such as rents and grants.  This leaves the required amount to spend on services and any capital projects which are planned for the year ahead.

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